How to Plant Bamboo so it Doesn't Take Over Your Garden!

Not all bamboo is invasive but a good percentage is, so it’s important to control its’ spread before it gets out of hand. Watch as I install ‘Bamboo Root Control Barrier’ so I can plant my golden bamboo knowing it won’t take over the garden.

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► Fiberglass Post Hole Digger:
► Fiberglass Long Handle Shovel:
► Bamboo Root Control Barrier:

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20 Replies to “How to Plant Bamboo so it Doesn't Take Over Your Garden!”

  1. We planted bamboo several years ago. I didn't install a barrier, so it inevitably spread. I eventually killed the lot by cutting it down to 6" above ground and pouring Roundup, bleach, vinegar (whatever magic solution was touted on YouTube, really) down the tubes for several months. I've since seen a video suggesting that cutting it down removed its leaves, thereby preventing photosynthesis, and that's what killed it. Anyway, never again. Also, I'm not in favour of burying plastic in the garden, for whatever reason. We foolishly put "weed barrier" down years ago. Of course the weeds beat it, and I'm still pulling bits of plastic up. I would bet that the barrier will be a problem in future, and you'll rue the day you buried it. Oh, and the bamboo will find a way to get through, under, or over it!

  2. I’ve just done this exact same job today, albeit on a retrospective basis to curtail any more runners popping up where I don’t want them.

  3. It's a little known fact, but the rings of Saturn are comprised of lost trowels…

  4. I am with you on the hand trowels they just dissappear, we buy new ones each year and they seem to evaporate into the garden.

  5. Thats quite a workout. Wont the roots go deep and then send out shoots sideways below the black liner?

  6. Without the post digging tools that you used, digging a trench is a hard and fiddly job. Despite the size, digging out most of the hole may be quicker (possiblt easier) if you only have a regular type spade.

  7. Did you know your being used in an ad on you tube as the inventor of voltmax ?

  8. I love the look of bamboo but having just removed 16 tonnes of soil in order to remove it from our lawn, you could say I’m no longer a fan. That’s really down to the previous owner of the house not having planted it with a bamboo barrier. They’ve cost me around £3k to get it sorted ????????

  9. Smashing video with super advice about basically pacing yourself, especially if your not as young as you think you are.

  10. Great job Stuart, I'm really looking forward to how you jungle garden develops. I usually find 'lost' items when I'm looking for something else!????

  11. Have you seen an advert for an electricity saving device called "voltex" in which you appear as it's inventor?

  12. Doesn't have anything to do with being over 50 Stuart, I never find my trowels either. Or pruning scissor but when I look for those, you bet I'll find the trowels! Nice start to the jungle area!

  13. For my screening bamboo, I've just planted Fargesia Robusta Formidable – Fountain Bamboo Formidable

  14. Nice to see someone else doing the work digging as I did a few days ago. Damn, I was breating hard after just a few minutes and I’m only 72…..argggg. Good subject. I did the same but did’nt go deep enough. Thanks

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