I Didn't Think Wood Could Do This

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This Dining Table measures 3000 x 1000 x 760mm and is made from White Oak. As you could probably tell from this video, the weight and size of this table was a real challenge as the weight played a big role in the design and construction of this piece. It was my intention to make this giant table look as light as possible and by using minimal components and by adding angles to the legs I felt this objective was achieved.
A couple of things to note. As mentioned in the video, the bottom rail bent downwards due to the weight of the table top. This might seem a little strange, well it was certainly strange to me. The reason why it bent downward was because as the weight of the top put pressure on the legs, the legs flexed outward and because the cross halving joint was so tight, the outward motion of the legs pushed the ends of the bottom rail upward causing the middle to bend downward. Certainly something I could have never picked up in the design phase.
Another thing to mention is yes I painted the steel angle bars.

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– What glues do I use – Titebond III and Polyurethane Glue

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Designed, built, filmed and edited by Nick Pedulla from Pedulla Studio

Music from www.epidemicsound.com

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24 Replies to “I Didn't Think Wood Could Do This”

  1. I must admit this design was a real challenge to build but I certainly learnt a thing or two. Id love to know the different challenges you face when it comes to designing?
    If you’re trying to get better at design or simply want to know my process then you might find my latest Patreon video helpful. Not trying to sell you on it. I just think there’s some good information there. After all, being good at woodworking is just one part of our skill set, design is a whole other ball game.

  2. As always, you never cease to amaze me. Your designs are nothing short of inspiring.

  3. Another great video and beautiful piece! Art meets function, as always.
    Folks if Nick is not a Patreon that you subscribe to, you are definitely missing out!!! There is nearly 10 times more content there. If you want to take your skills to the next level, SUBSCRIBE TODAY!!

  4. Você sempre nos presenteando com uma criatividade incrível. Obrigado pelo vídeo maravilhoso.????

  5. Table is absolutely beautiful man. It’s like u make huge puzzle pieces for grown ups. ???? awesome work.

  6. I think you meant .099 or .1 tons…? Unless tons means something different in AU????

    Beautiful work.

  7. Your design and craftsmanship is second to none! I also like the way you communicate your design and production decisions, in a knowledgeable and professional way. You are a great communicator and ambassador for your craft. Thank you for the first class videos.

  8. I know you have to make money but not all of us has the money to pay for your Patreon page . You are probably the best on YouTube so if you want to help the less fortunate people to better there craft post it so they can watch too.

  9. Awesome job muscles, did you contemplate using a dovetail joint to secure the bottom rail, or less is best

  10. Hello Nick, it gives me great energy watching you create your art. I'll gladly watch anything you post. The farther outside the box we work the better we become at our craft IMO.
    "She's right mate!"

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