Remington783 – Testing accuracy of commercial ammo plus clay pigeon destruction

Part 1 of the Remington 783 series:


This is my second video covering the Remington 783. In the first video, I showed you how I accomplished an excellent shot group using reloads and custom bullet-seating. Some of you, however, would prefer to simply purchase off-the-shelf ammo and go to town (hunting or target shooting), so I tested the accuracy of three hunting loads and two popular target loads.

I intended to try different ammo but some of them are difficult to come by at my local gun store. I was lucky to even find the Federal Gold Medal Match. I hope this video is useful and/or entertaining to you and if so, I would greatly appreciate it if you take a moment to hit that thumbs up button!

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10 Replies to “Remington783 – Testing accuracy of commercial ammo plus clay pigeon destruction”

  1. I've got one in •243, great rifle. I use Remington ammo and i reload for it too. Accuracy if fantastic, sub moa. Use this rifle for knocking wild dogs and dingos here in Australia!

  2. Ha! Plugging the pigeon at 400 with 9 power, I will take that all day. Well done Sir!

  3. I love my 783 223 it accurate I drop deer over 250 yard no problem all the video I seen people texting the,783 I think they got a shaking problem because I only use hornaby from the store and there not a inches from each bullet

  4. I've had a model 783 for over 6 years now with more rounds that I can count through it and have only cleaned once this year and not a single failure. The stock isn't bad I am going to switch to wood stock with cheek rest and thumb hole just for comfort. Got a vortex crossfire on it she shoots like a dream.

  5. One of the best accuracy reviews I’ve seen. I like your quick and easy style that is straight to the point and “on target” pun intended

  6. This is why the Savage Axis, Ruger American, Remington 783, are killing the gun market – selling so many rifles in a good way. This 783 rifle has a pillar bedded action and good barrel capable of shooting Sub MOA groups. It is also a "beater" rifle not needing to buy a $1000 rifle for that accuracy. The 168gr Hornady Amax bullets give a ballistic tip effect on game.

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