Submissions 101: Plan B Sweep from Half Guard

This footage was taken from class of the Plan b sweep when your partner posts out their leg and you can’t get old school. Please see our official video for details.

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  1. can the guy on top remove his over hook to post out or will that not work? what do you do if he does?

  2. When I try this at class, I usually unhook my right leg and push off the ground as I sweep. Is this ok? I find it guarantees the sweep alot more than just holding the lockdown as I sweep.

  3. yea the point ave the lockdown is to keep them locked DOWN so keep it tight and double underhook so they cant stand. most people will be so worried about the double under that you can whip up with ease

  4. No overhook (wizzer) then the guy on the bottom takes his back. The wizzer is what prevents the guy on the bottom from getting the top guys back.

  5. this seems to be a good sweap but what if the guy on top post with his right hand when you go to roll. he isnt always going to tie his arm up with a overhook.

  6. If someone is standing up in your lock down, you aren't holding them down enough (double under hooks!!!). If they DO stand, you release the lockdown and go for a sweep.

  7. Whenever I use the lockdown from half guard, my opponent stands up and causing me to footlock myself! does anyone have an answer to this? Until I find an answer to that, all of the half guard techniques that I do are without the lock down.

  8. If he posts out with the hand it means he no longer has a whizzer in and therefore you can take his back. Or you can transfer to the Electric Chair if he posts out (see video). Hope that helps.

  9. thats plan C! lol plan A is to take his back.. if he wizards you.. plan be is sweep his knee, if he posts, plan c would be to swing him like that. Its all about taking the back if he gives it away.

  10. LOL shrtfz why would it be hard to get the leg for this move; this move is specifically made for if the leg moves out like that in your reach. Plz think b4 u write stuff like that mr 100%.

  11. Very good move i always wanted a plan b from that escape. Some people over power my whizzer or base out like that so this move is a brilliant counter to a counter.

  12. Laugh…sometimes. What really amazes me is that some people can't see the move for what it is worth or simply don't understand the "context" in which the video(s) are made. What KILLS me is when guys write "that shit would never work in a real fight. You'd get stomped to death." Um yeah..that is why some of these moves are SPORT and if you can't see the difference well…there is no point in answering.

  13. This is rocked out lots in live 100% resistance grappling. True, not all moves are super easy to get as shown in demos (above) but as your perfect the move, you add more speed and power until you master it-just like any move in jiu jitsu.

  14. yes…it will give you more momentum for the sweep and usually you are on your knees in the dog fight and then shot under, lift the leg and get the sweep. Anytime you can use gravity in the martial arts, it is a good thing 😉

  15. just a personal observation: i have more success with this sweep when i shoot my body underneath the opponent rather than trying to lift their leg up. if your opponent has a hard whizzer it can be very hard to lift that leg. granted i never play half guard with lock down so maybe its different in that case.

  16. hey i got Eddie's book but i still don't get the old school. I see Eddie Bravo do it a lot in his competitions but i don't get how its done. Did u make a vid for that and if u didn't, can you???

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