The World’s Greatest Watchmaker Is INCREDIBLE

Rolex, Patek Philippe have got nothing on this. They can’t compete with the level of watchmaking that goes into every Roger Smith watch. We hosted a special event where we sat down to talk to the man himself, master watchmaker Roger Smith OBE.

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This is an edited version of a longer conversation.
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20 Replies to “The World’s Greatest Watchmaker Is INCREDIBLE”

  1. I didn't think I would watch the whole thing, but this was very interesting. It's such a nice change of pace to hear a humble expert discuss their field.

  2. It feels so strange hearing a voice that's so familiar but seeing it come from a face that I've never seen before.

  3. Being British, I could not be prouder to see that the legacy of horological excellence and innovation continues to this day. Living near Hull, I revel in delight knowing sea-fairing accuracy and visual data displays stem from the genius of local men. The intellect behind countless scientific and engineering marvels developed on our small isles has truly shaped the world, lest we never forget those pioneers and strive like them, to make the world a better place.

  4. 10:35 so the parts that he doesn't make are a lot of the parts that bring the watch to life. I'm quite surprised by this.

  5. If he can't afford the watches, but he sells the watches then he should sell them for less so he can afford one ???? what a brilliant man though.

    I'm lucky enough to own a Seamaster. I feel that I have a bit of George Daniels brilliance in my watch and ergo a bit of Roger W Smith brilliance.

  6. Rolex is riding on its hype but that only last so long. There are so many brands better in looks and movement.

  7. The greatest living watchmaker talking for an hour (see the full talk under a properly respectful title – to Mr Smith and your audience), and you still felt it necessary to use Rolex and PP as clickbait in the title.
    This is truly the dumbest timeline.

  8. Holy crapoly! Andrew, from your "hands and voice" videos and your knowledge, I thought (unfortunately?) that you were much older than you apparently are! Thanks for all the consumable content!

  9. True. But he’s wearing a Rolex as he speaks to you! ???? I could listen to Roger all day & deeply admire his skill & perfectionism. I do feel his watch dial designs are too traditional though. Whilst I respect the pieces hugely, I’m not taken by the Roman numerals & case/lug shape, as example. No doubting the mastery of the movement underneath though! ????????

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