Three Words: Cajun Chicken Alfredo!

@blessitsjeff cooks up a creamy, cheesy pasta that takes less than 30 minutes and is guaranteed to make your significant other fall in love with you all over again! Tap the link to learn more about how to use Botatouille, Tasty’s new A.I. Chefbot!

10 Replies to “Three Words: Cajun Chicken Alfredo!”

  1. I am curious: did you give the AI parameters, other than: food that will make my wife love me as much as I love her? Did you specify proteins, or wheat, or dairy issues? Or did you give it an open-ended, completely free instruction? I ask, because if I were your wife, and you brought me that, I would eat it, but I would not love it…nor would I love you more. I would appreciate the fact that you had cooked for me, but…I hate sausage. Hate. It. And I am not fond of Cajun foods, in general, because i cannot process green bell peppers, and almost every Cajun dish is made with, and poisoned by green bell peppers. So…????????????????

  2. Super interesting. Can't wait to try the AI recipe this week I'm sure my family will love it! Love tasty and their recipes

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