Zero waste pistachios #shorts #zerowaste

You can make your own plant based milk with almost any nuts, grains or seeds but this time we decided to use pistachios and it turned out to be absolutely delicious!

We used just half a cup of pistachios to make 1/2 a litre of plant based milk and a delicious pistachio tart.

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•1/4 cup pistachio
•500 ml water

-toast your 1/2 cup of pistachio on a pan for a couple of minutes
-use 1/4 cup only for the milk and the rest keep aside for the pistachio crumble
-add to the top of milky plant the 1/4 pistachio
-fill up the water tank and press the start button
-you’ll have a delicious creamy milk ready to be used for making the custard

•1/4 cup pistachio
•leftover pistachio pulp
•4 tbsp x maple syrup

-roughly chop the 1/4 cup left of toasted pistachios
-in a bowl mix together the pistachio pulp , maple syrup and the chopped pistachios
-add to a baking tray and spread around
-bake for about 10-15 min at 160C
-keep an eye on it and stir sometimes to make sure it bakes well
-once ready will result still a bit wet but when cold will crumble easily

•500 ml pistachio milk
•65g x maizena (corn starch)
•80g x sugar
•4 tbsp x lemon juice
•1 tsp x matcha (optional)

-in a deep pan mix together sugar ,corn starch matcha powder , lemon juice and add the milk a bit at the time while keep stirring so that you won’t have any lumps.
-bring to a boil and then lower the heat
-remember to constantly stir
-the mix will start to thicken and will be ready 3-4 min after starting to boil
-once ready let cool for a bit

•pre-made shortcrust pastry
•pistachio curd
•pistachio crumble
•raspberry or any other berries
•extra : white chocolates drops

-prepare the shortcrust pastry tart base
-let cool before adding the custard
-decorate the top with raspberry and pistachio crumbles
-store in an airtight container up to 4-5 days

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  1. Just because you literally use everything always… I have to… you wasted the shells.

  2. Honestly I'm skeptical that that original amount of shelled pistachios could do all that.

  3. I love Pistachio so much , especially Turkish Antep type, it is much more aromatic and tasteful

  4. Incredible stuff. Please add measurements (even if they’re rough like handful or spoonful) to your recipes if it’s not too much of a task. It will help tremendously.

  5. I was excited to see what you're going to do with the shells as I would've loved to eat them too.

  6. Big fan! Much love from Puerto Rico!
    I have your book and it's amazing thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Keep up the great work!

  7. Did you know that you can change your lame and irritating "did you know" starter???????!!!!!

  8. Supper fire. You are the first to do a Chanel this way. And what I have learned from you very beneficial.

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