14 Replies to “Updated Fashion Studio Tour (before I move!!) #shorts”

  1. Kiana! I saw that you live in Raleigh and I also know you’re obsessed with candles (sameee)! My favorite place to get candles is in downtown Southern Pines at Nani’s Soap boutique! So many scents and clean burning! About an hour from Raleigh if you are ever in the area!????

  2. I have that exact same desk and storage drawers set up. I got mine in the navy blue desk and the storage drawers are grey. I love it so much.

  3. Kiana, do you have a official giveaway handle? Because I got a reply on a comment I did yesterday to your short of maybe doing a giveaway. If not, you may want to check that comment I sent yesterday. Just wanted to make sure someone wasn't impersonating you.

  4. Wow its so pretty and organized, can't wait to see what you have planned in your new studio! ❤ Congrats! ???? ☺

  5. Looks like you have made the best use of your space! You will know after spending time in your new space what you need their the most, maybe a specialty coffee machine, lol!

  6. That’s so cool ur area is cute and the mood board is just????????????????????????????????

  7. This as given me so much inspiration for what I want for my sewing room

  8. Definitely make like an asmr video of you organizing everything in the new house!!

  9. you should definitely upgrade to an ergonomic chair for your sewing station

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