21 Replies to “Winter season styling in my family room! Took 3 days to take down the Holiday decor!”

  1. Нету уюта, всё слишком помпезнооо😔😔😔😔

  2. Is this the lady of the house or the cleaner? I'm not sure. It looks like a lot of domestic work all the time. Not sure she has the time for anything else or the energy to pursue her dreams and aspirations. But if she's paid cleaner to do that , then she is doing a good job.

  3. Слишком рано снимать новогодние украшения)))у меня елка как минимум 1-2 недели ещё стоять будет)

  4. Πάνε οι γιορτές… Κι εγώ πρέπει να αλλάξω τον στολισμό…. Καλή χρονιά με υγεία….

  5. Fico pensando uma casa perfeita eu gosto de bagunça 🤣🤣 da tédio 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Just imagine if YOU shared a small bit of that comfort and luxury with a deprived, despairing, helpless weak human.
    Your house is beautiful by the way. 💕

  7. Que envidia siento de verte caminar descalza, yo no puedo hacer eso, primera porque me da ansiedad de sentir algo en mis pies, y segundo que me enfermó me hace daño😢

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