Cowboy Boot Restoration | Boots Get a TOTAL Makeover

Cowboy Boot Restoration | Boots Get a TOTAL Makeover

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In this video, we give this pair of women’s FRYE cowboy boots a complete overhaul. The soles on these boots were a total disaster and needed help. We put on new welts, upgraded the soles to JR leather, added stacked leather heel blocks and gave the soles a bit of a decorative flair. This restoration was a total success! Time for another shoe or boot makeover.

* James 1:2-4

– Potter & Sons –
– Southern Polished –

– Large Horsehair Shoe Brush –

– Saphir Universal Cream –

– Saphir Pommadier Shoe Cream –


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Ashley Saldanha
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Cork Home uses natural patterns for well-being, free A/C (restoration)

Cork Home uses natural patterns for well-being, free A/C (restoration)

To insulate a drafty, rundown home in Barcelona while making it as healthy as possible and also “perfectly integrated into the urban forest,” architect Elisabetta Quarta Colosso wrapped the entire thing in cork.

Not only are the interior walls, the roof, and the floors covered in cork insulation, but the entire back facade of the home is clad in cork. Since cork material is simply tree bark (it’s a renewable material since cork oak trees are preserved and only the bark is harvested every 9 to 11 years), it blends seamlessly with the surrounding trees of the backyard garden.

Quarta Colosso wanted to use natural materials whenever possible in the home’s remodel, so she experimented with materials like chalk floors instead of microcement and clay walls that don’t need paint since they naturally reflect the wide range of colors of the earth (greens, oranges, reds, etc.).

The backyard house, formerly the servants’ quarters, was refurbished as an office and library with natural bricks (from a local factory) stacked to create a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. Every space is utilized; even a small lightwell off the bedroom was wrapped in cork and is now a meditation space (cork absorbs sound).

The home is a passive house, relying on strategies like passive solar – all the trees are deciduous to block summer light and allow for winter sun – and a ventilated underfloor cavity and vents on the facades to promote passive cross ventilation from north to south. While the house passed the “blower door test” ensuring the doors and windows don’t leak, the walls of the home are all-natural – cork, brick, and clay – so the house “breaths,” allowing for clean indoor air quality.


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Historic Chicago Home Restoration Faces Structural Issues | Windy City Rehab | HGTV

Historic Chicago Home Restoration Faces Structural Issues | Windy City Rehab | HGTV

Alison Victoria buys a rundown historic home in the heart of Chicago. This Windy City home comes with many surprises, however, and when the house unexpectedly has to be taken down to the studs, Alison must do whatever it takes to stay on time and on budget.

Interior designer Alison Victoria combines upscale design with a passion for her hometown as she buys and restores old homes in Chicago. For these neglected homes in historic neighborhoods, she works to restore dignity to the homes while adding more square footage, style and modern twists. But each house has a past, and she never knows what challenges lie hidden beneath the decades of paint and plaster. #HGTV #WindyCityRehab # Home Restoration

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Historic Chicago Home Restoration Faces Structural Issues | Windy City Rehab | HGTV–A

JAW DROPPING vintage furniture restoration – Art Deco vanity to night tables

JAW DROPPING vintage furniture restoration – Art Deco vanity to night tables

Water stains, oil stains, and flaking, oh my! I bought these pretty rough vintage “night tables” from FB marketplace. But these are actually the two pedestals of a vanity that was disassembled at one point. There are a ton of finish issues; there’s no denying this needs a full refinish.

I needed to fully strip these, patch some veneer, get rid of the water stains, stain, tone, seal, and polish. But nearly a week later, these are UNBELIEVABLE!

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Restoration of a WORST desk!

Restoration of a WORST desk!

This desk was made around 1920-1930. Decades later somebody tried to refinish it, but they stopped in half way. So now it was my turn to make it nice again.

My favorite tools:
Makita plunge saw and guide rail:
Makita router:
Makita router guide adapter:
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Oscillating Spindle Sander
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Title: Restoration of a WORST desk!
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Here's My First Attempt at Gold Plating During a Vintage Watch Restoration!

Here's My First Attempt at Gold Plating During a Vintage Watch Restoration!

Marshall picks up a lovely Universal Genève gold dress watch from eBay that has a few issues. The plating has deteriorated, the crystal is cracked, and the movement is running but not very well. Otherwise it’s great! Come along for the ride as Marshall takes on another restoration here on Wristwatch Revival!

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Restoration Extremely Dirty Old Hand Cranked Grinder

Restoration Extremely Dirty Old Hand Cranked Grinder

Hello folks! Today I want to show you my new restoration project. I found this extremely dirty old hand cranked grinder at a flea market. I love mechanized tools and sure I bought it. This project was the longest, it took one month and a week and a half.

0:00 Review
0:28 Disassembling
5:33 Rust remover
5:46 Washing
5:59 Rust cleaning
6:07 Handle
6:30 WD40
6:44 Cleaning fat
7:46 Sanding parts
9:03 Correction
9:37 Oiling
10:15 Putty
11:04 Paint
11:43 Stone adjusting
12:22 New part
14:20 Handle
16:16 Dance
16:18 Assembly
18:14 Final review
18:29 Test

Restoration process: …. was very long. It included working with various tools for removing rust, washing, adjusting parts, sanding, painting, putty, creating new parts. There was also work with a wood lathe, to create a new wooden handle. I also used a welding machine. The work was done colossally. After carrying out all the work, I finally finished on the June 19 more than 30 GB of video was shot. I spent the remaining one and a half hours creating the video and rendering it. I hope you enjoy this restoration project! Thank you for attention!

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Restoration Rusty Axe What Is It For?

Restoration Rusty Axe What Is It For?

Hello folks! Today I want to show you my new restoration project. I found this strange axe at flea market and still I don’t know for what it? For me it’s so interesting, because I can’t found any information about this axe in internet, if anyone knows something please leave a comment. Okay, time to restore it!
Restoration process:
I used rust remover liquid to removed rust from axe head and dirty too. Then via iron brushes I cleaned it and left and left it in its own factory color, light silver. I cleaned the fixed part and then sanding little. Handle I cleaned and sanded on lathe machine. I made little changes on handle because the round handle is not good. Finally, I used just linseed oil for impregnation of the hatchet handle. Also, I sharpened the axe head and changed the screws on the fixed part of axe. As usual made test for you.

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Antique Axe Restoration. KING KONG

Antique Axe Restoration. KING KONG

Neste vídeo, faço uma customização de um machado lenhador antigo, usando técnicas de fundição em alumínio e gravação em metal. Deixe seu like e ajude o canal se inscrevendo ok.
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